New Mayor Assumes Office Today


By: Binta Bah
The newly elected Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Talib Ahmad Bensouda today assumed office after taking oath of office following his victory.
The new mayor speaking to reporters earlier on has vowed to take development to the doorsteps of residents within the municipality.
Bensouda told journalists that his priority was to make KMC a developed and desirable place before the next mayoral election. He vowed that he and his team would pay a close attention to the revenue base of the council saying he had no idea of reducing or increasing tax until he and team know how much money (tax) is collected in KMC. Bensouda agrees with the assertion that any reduction of market prices of goods like: sugar, rice among others will boost the income of market vendors and that will make them realise more profit.
“We will use the taxes collected into very good use. The council shall make sure that everybody is paid for what he/she does.”
He added that many Gambians have high hopes that he would bring changes to KMC. “I will deliver as per my manifesto, though I cannot promise Gambians that I will give them everything 100% they needed but I will try everyday to ensure that I do better in developing the municipally,” Mayor Bensouda remarked. Bensouda was very clear on the development of the municipality saying his council is governed by elected people to develop the municipality. Quizzed if he would turn the municipal council into a political office, Bensouda said “no”. For him, it is business of development and not for any partisan issues. He stressed that he has his party’s political bureau at Manjai and his own bureau is also at his place in Fajara, so why would he turn the council into another political bureau. “If anyone needs to see me for political issues the person can visit me at my political bureau in Fajara or at the UDP Mianjai bureau. The offices of the council at KMC are an administrative office meant for development and working place for that matter, we will not encourage any politics in office and our doors are close for politics.”
The new mayor emphasized that people should not have the belief that he was at the KMC for politics. Rather, he said he was in office to develop the municipality. “I came for the development of the KMC and am also encouraging the members of other political parties such as APRC, GDC, and PDIOS among others to let them not think that there is a (UDP) mayor in office. So they should ignore politics and tribalism and join me to solve the problems in KMC.”
Mayor Bensouda revealed that he has high regards for all those candidates who contested for the mayoral position as all of them had one objective and which was to develop the municipality. Bensouda commended Mr. Bakary Badjie for congratulating him through a phone call and expressed readiness to work with him which he welcome and called on all others to come forward and join him towards working for the betterment of the great country.


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