NGO Community Cry Over Gross Taxation


By Almamo Kamaso
The NGO community complained over the gross taxation of their income and saw it as an unfair way of treating the community. Many of them who were visited by the Select committee over week said it’s a major challenge and government should reconsider revising it.
So far all the NGOs visited over the week by the Select committee on Environment, NGO Affairs and Sustainable Development Goals cry over the high taxation imposed on them by government as major challenges.
The Select Committee kicked off a 6 day trek visiting a selected number of NGOs across the country as a way of carrying their oversight functions. Every NGO visited the issue of gross taxation of staff was a challenge for the NGOs.
ActionAid International’s Director Omar Badgie said our gross income is taxed, from house rent to our transport allowances by 35%, this is on the high side and is affecting staff and the organization as a whole.
Government he said needs to revise this decision as none of our staff are foreign and no international experts among us, we are all Gambians working for the development of the Gambia.
“Gross taxation is affecting Wuli and Sandu Development Association (WASDA) an NGO established some years ago” Fajanko Ceesay Finance Director. This high tax is a major challenge he said.
The Executive director of ADWAC, Mam Samba Joof said our income is grossly taxed by 35% or more, it’s unfair, and very much on the high side. This is not helping the NGO community and “I see it as segregation as others are not taxed grossly”. Director Samba told the law makers that that treatment is segregating, the law should apply on all but in this case it’s only the NGOs who suffer.
At TOSTAN in Basse the head of the NGO also complain of the gross taxation of their income by 25%. This he said this is not going down well with them and it seems it is only them in the NGO whose gross incomes are taxed this high.
The law makers will continue their tour today by visiting YMCA and CRS before concluding the exercise.


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