“No Alikalo Has Right to Demand For People’s Voters Cards” Hon Sowe


By Almamo Kamaso
Hon Alhagie Sowe recently speaking over radio Gambia at the Basse radio. Warn Alikalos to deist from collecting people voter’s cards for any purpose. Sowe also spoke on various issues including the issues of the bad politicking. He was with Saikouba Ceesay and Alamameh Taal all executive members of the GDC in the region.
Hon Sowe said he got information that there are some people who are going around his constituency in the Mankamankunda ward spreading rumours that there’s a road project from Mamkamang Kunda to Sare Cherno through Bansang and that those projects are President Barrow’s projects.
Hon Sowe said that is not true; whoever is saying that is empty talk. President Barrow has no such projects in the Jimara Constituency.
He assured the region and that if there should be any project coming into the district, he will be aware of them. All he is aware of is the water projects, and no road projects. Sowe said there are water projects in Hele Kunda, Sara Ali, Sare Birom and Sare Mansong, but other than that if anybody tell you anything different is not true.
Hon Sowe went further to say that they are still people going around asking those who want to work in these projects to present their voters cards. He warn that whoever ask for such those should be reported to police because that is never the norm for people to work in projects.
He pointed fingers to certain people who were position holders during Jammeh’s time and they were not able to put up even a kitchen in Jimara, so how could such people do so now. He warn Alikalos that it is not there responsibility to ask for people’s voters cards.
He made mention of cattle wrestling and that lots of heads of cattle were lost to rampant theft. He told the region that recently there was a meeting at Sare Kokeh and lots of issues concerning theft were discussed.
Sowe gave a strong warning that whoever is involved must stop the practice because he would not like to take such wanting destruction of peoples properties lightly. If those involve do not stop whoever is caught no mercy will take into play.


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