No Room for Negative Tribal Sentiments


The Gambia is a country that is homogenous in all aspects and there is no room for negative tribal sentiments. It is not expected from any ordinary citizen or tribe; more so from a state minister. Negative tribal comments must not to be allowed on any form of platform, more so during people’s meeting with the president.
However, Daily News is shocked and totally disappointed in the leadership of National Reconciliation Party (NRP) who also doubles as the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Hamat N.K. Bah in his recent negative tribal comments at Essau and other parts of Baddibus during public meetings as part of the president’s meet the people tour.
At the very start of the tour, taking the floor at Essau and in other parts of Nuime and Baddibu Hon Hamat NK Bah, who is a leader of a political party and also state minister for that matter openly spoke negatively against a particular tribe. Such remarks have no place in our country and not from even ordinary citizens much more from a state minister and a member of the cabinet.
Bah spoke in Wollof and in his native Pularr languages gesticulating and demonstrating that no one single tribe owns the Gambia which is a fact, but mentioning a particular tribe by name for that matter is wrong.
The Daily News has seen such kinds of statements from the former President Jammeh during one of his last tours of the country. The whole world was disappointed in him, we would have thought that Minister Bah could have learnt from that serious mistake from a sitting president.
In the first place the tour is supposed to be apolitical tour as the president is just excising a constitutional requirement. Those taking the floor must stay away from any partisan politics as the money sponsoring the tour is tax payers’ money. But unfortunately Hamat Bah kept hammering that what does a particular tribe think of itself?
Daily News can recall the same minister making similar reckless statements against both Senegal and Thailand not long ago. The statements were so reckless and capable of staining our foreign relations with those countries that former Foreign Affairs Minister had to apologise on behalf of Gambia.
Daily News is therefore calling for comportment from the minister in speech and actions and that he should see himself as a minister and not Hamat N.K.Bah from the village. For Allah’s sake when one becomes a minister you are holding a very important position and you are no longer an ordinary citizen.
If Hamat cannot behave himself well as the position demands we call for his discharge from a state office befitting a minister.
What is expected from any ordinary Gambian citizen: is speech/action that will guarantee peaceful co-existence of all tribes and people in the country as has been the case hundreds of years ago. Ensuring such peaceful co-existence is upon all responsible Gambians and even non-Gambians who are resident in the country.
The statements coming from citizens have to be one of cementing the peace we already have rather than dividing us.
For a minister to take the floor and castigate a tribe is rather very unfortunate and we hope the NRP leader will soon see sense in what we are driving at.


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