Nogoi Claims Her Cloths Teared off Leaving Her Naked


    By Almamo Kamaso
    Appearing before the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) Tuesday 29th October 2019, Nogoi Njie said she was subjected to merciless tortures in the hands of state operatives. “My clothes were teared off me leaving me a naked woman as the state securities tortured me at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA)” Njai
    Narrating her ordeals Njie told the TRRC that her tortures began when she was asked why she was at the NIA premises and her respond was that she did not know “all I know was that I was on my way when armed men arrested me and brought me here” Nogoi Njie said
    Njie told the Commissioners that she was led into her torture chambers by a young officer who already started shedding tears as he led her and told her that he was only a mere messenger.
    Once they arrive at the offices of Shiekh Tejan Jeng under which offices there was a small room the young man said here she is, meaning presenting her to some people who she did not see yet.
    Immediately a group of people rushed to blind fold her which she resisted by fighting back until she was overcome since they were up to fifteen in number.
    “I was forced down on my knees by a use of rope which was thrown at her and got injures, I was at that time bleeding from my knees. These men then turned me upside down and at this time I got my cloths all teared off me and became naked” Njia
    When asked by Counsel Jahateh what was used to torture her, she said, Cables and other tools were used to beat me until I lose consciousness. They were up to 15 men and I was like a meat for hungry wolves.
    After the beatings, she said she was led to a cell full of thirty water and forced inside; by the same James. This same man brought all others like Modou Ngum , Kaffo Bayo and Lamin Jabang.
    When they came back and asked for Solo; he turns around and said Nogoi am going but when you go tell Ousainou that he should take cake of my family. He said if he happen to die its a worthy course; we heard him crying as they were beating him.
    Earlier Nogoi told the TRRC that she and a group detainees were first taken to the Police Intervention Unit at Kanifing. Soon after their arrival , former Mayor Yahkuba Colley came to the scene and said these people plan a coup; which claims Nogoi denied saying how can people without even a stick plan a coup against men with guns.
    Later Interior Minister Ousman Sonko came and like Colley he also repeated that he believes that they plan a coup and that there must be some people behind them. She narrates that is how they were all hand cuffed by the police and led by one Shiek Tejan Jeng an NIA Operation Manager to the NIAs offices in Banjul.
    She continues her testimony