On The Spot Counting was NRP’s Idea


By Aja Dahaba
The Leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) Hamat N.K Bah has predicted a new era of political evolution for the NRP party and the nation as a whole.
He pledge his party’s unresolved support to the Barrow government amidst fanfare and jubilations.
The Secretary General and Party Leader of the NRP made this statement at his party’s national convention in accordance with the Independent Electoral Commission Act of 2015.
The NRP Party Leader used the opportunity to welcome all those who left the NRP and wanted to come back especially those that joined the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) stressing that no condition shall be attached to their return.
He warn those thinking that when they come back the party will provide jobs for them can stay away because NRP is not the government and doesn’t have jobs for them.
Dilating on the success stories of the party since its establishment on 9th September, 1996, by a group of ex-students of The Gambia College who were expelled in 1979 for advocating for improved welfare of the students. The group later was transformed into the National Reconciliation Party to challenge the military turned civilian APRC.
“In 2006 we went into a coalition with the UDP, we supported them with everything including our resources to end dictatorship and if that election was free and fair we would have won that election as indications were we have won that election” Hamat N.K. Bah disclosed.
NRP Party Leader continues to reveal that one of the most important achievement for his party was the ‘SPOT COUNTING’ introduced by the IEC.
The NRP had made it abundantly clear to the IEC that its only when ‘SPOT COUNTING’ is introduce that his party will participate in any election.
He added that his studies have proved that only spot counting can end dictatorship and overstaying in power. He cited the case of Cameroonian George Fungy and Senegal’s Abdoulie Wade.
“We studied what Abdoulie Wade did in Senegal and many other opposition leaders across the world and we knew that it is only ‘SPOT COUNTING’ that we can eventually get rid of Yahya Jammeh.
The IEC generously agreed to our proposals in one of our meetings to go for spot counting, but we were mercilessly defeated as everybody went against us including the APRC; but we never relented because we felt that we have to honor our principles as a party. Bah old his supporters that democracy is not an event but a process and that process is what this party believes in” Bah revealed.


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