Peria/ Waliba Land Dispute Needs an Immediate Attention


Land dispute is an every district issue and that is why government must take such disputes very seriously and come up with lasting solutions otherwise it can be very catastrophic. Almost every district or constituency has land problems; not long ago we have seen the Brending Gunjur land dispute. That was a very expensive experience as it costed the community a life.
The same problems is in the Sandus, the Wulis and of recent there was a similar case between the people of Perai and Waliba Kunda in the Tumana constituency. This particular land dispute is now going to more than 15 year without it being resolved. Like many of the land disputes the district heads, called the Chiefs normally sit over these cases but yet the problems remain unsolved.
Since the land case of the Perai /Waliba came up more than three sittings took place over it and in each of these sittings more than one Chief will sit over it and anytime such a sitting took place the people of Perai have the judgements in their favour. But again anytime the rains are close the problem seem never resolved as the community of Waliba will come up and claim that the lands belong to them.
The piece of land that stretches between the two communities is said to belong to Perai village and the people of Waliba were only allowed to do some farming on parts of the land for several years.
This relationship has been going on between the two early settlers of both communities until recent when there came a real struggle resulting into a fight a few years ago. That fight had resulted into injuries though not serious ones.
But the first case of the dispute was when the People of Waliba who are cattle owners claimed that their animals do not have a path either on their way home after gracing or on their way to feed. This was resolved a few years ago.
Government must take firm posture on such cases and make sure whoever is given the right of ownership keeps the ownership and the other respects the judgements. Otherwise what had happen between the communities of Brednding and Gunjur can also happen in this case.
It is said a stich in tine can save nine; in order words the local government and lands ministry should take firm positions and see to it that land problems in our country is adequately addressed.
On Wednesday the 22 May a number of district chiefs were at the site between the two villages that is Peria and Waliba Kunda but the judges could not make any heads way and the case is deferred until after the holy month of Ramadan.
If the local government and lands ministry is not serious about these land issues then such small issues can turn into bigger issues. How can more than three district Chiefs not able to resolve such a land issues/ especially when we are going into the rains. All of these communities need land to cultivate their crops to feed their families. So the earlier the problem is solved the beter.


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