Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Police Brutality Again

This is the least expected from our police force, a force that when compared to other uniformed men and women is rated high. This is a force that had its name and integrity tainted during the former regime as most of the brutalities against mankind were committed by them.

The evidences that were coming from the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) is horrible enough for our police to have remorse and show regret. The police force most people agree were used by the then government against her own citizens. But that is no more the case now.

The revelation did show enough evidence of torture, torture of all kinds, very horrible ones for that matter. Many of these violations were alleged to have being committed by the police, many a times during arrest or at detention centres.

Now coming back to what is just happening, a horrible torture and not coming from any other rank but a very high rank such as the head of a police unit. That extremely serious allegations of torture and police brutality is levelled against Mr. GorgI Mboob by Ebrima Sanneh. Mr. Mboob the Head of the Anti-Crime Unit allegedly hit Mr. Sanneh on his genitals leaving him with severe pains. This is uncalled for.

Under normal circumstances the accused should have being  under police custody  now, as it is the right of another person violated by no other person but a  police officer .  The alleged criminal act is committed by someone just because he or she is putting on a state Uniform. This should not be condone and the high command of the police must act now for justice to prevail.

Police brutality should have being a thing of the past. The police were used to commit crimes against humanity; but the situation has changed now any police brutality is committed at the choice of the   officer as he or she is not under any pressure.

If the police keep such officers in the system without taking the appropriate measure then the police will be judge by the population as being just unfair to the tax payers; such unfair treatment can lead to something else.

The government of the Gambia must do the right thing and allow the rule of law to take its proper course. The likes of Mboob should answer questions as soon as possible otherwise the entre police force’s integrity will be at stake.

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