Police Should Keep Away From Partisan Politics


It is not the mandate of the Gambia Police Force to be serving as political supporters to President Adama Barrow or to any other person who may become president of the Gambia. The police presence at tour is purely to provide security for the president and members of his entourage. But what is seen on Monday the 18th November at the beginning of President Adama Barrow’s meet the people tour; is that the Police acted as political supporters to President Adama Barrow.
It is very unfortunate that our men and women in uniforms are again openly seen distributing Presidential flyers or T-Shirts as President Barrow began his meet the people’s tour at Barra on Monday 18 November 2019.
At Barra uniform a personnel of the Gambia Police Force known as the para military is seen on social media video distributing President Barrow’s T-shirts to some people. This is not done, we expect our men in uniforms to protect the President and citizens but not to be distributing political materials for any political grouping.
They (men and women in uniforms) have all rights to belong to any political grouping but not to openly manifest their allegiance so openly to any particular political party or unit.
It use to happen under the former regime to an extent that the police put on badges of former Presidents pictures. Something one cannot find anywhere in a professional security unit in the world.
The high command of the Gambia police force should take note and stop this unprofessional attitude of some of our police men/women. If the high command fail to take an appropriate steps now, they will be found wanting at some point in time.
Gambians are very clear that the police is not allow by our constitution to actively take part in any partisan politics and the act of distributing such political materials tantamount to active participation in politics .
The Daily News is warning the police to limit themselves at what they are supposed to do as per their terms of reference; which is to protect the people and properties, otherwise their acts today will hunt them sometimes later.
Can’t the police and the army learn from the past as per the revelations at both the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) and the Janneh Commission? Continue to do what is considered unprofessional and the people will continue to watch over you and keep videos and picture form evidence tomorrow.
As for the President , he should be reminded that It is a constitutional mandate for the him to tour the country at least once every year and therefore since the cost is coming from the public coffers or paid for by every tax payer’s money it should be purely non-political.
The tour is meant for the president to inter face with the general public on matters that affect their lives from their various locations. The tour is not only for citizens to talk matters affecting their lives only but also it gives the President an opportunity to see some of the government projects for himself.
The president did cross from Barra to begin the meet the people’s Monday the 18 November 2019 and so far so good not much politics is manifested; but Gambians are watching and following. However the minister of Tourism has begun politicking and he should be called to order to stop politics as this tour is supposed to be non-political.