Poor Management of the Ferry Services Affects Citizens


These past days and months have witness a very serious happenings in the daily running’s of the Banjul-Barra ferries which have caused untold nightmare.
Virtually all ferries are not satisfactorily running, many workers are not motivated, over worked and not improved by building their personal capacity rather than relying on Senegalese or Hollandaise experts.
Recent impediment affects the poor ramps both in Banjul and worst in Barra which normally damages the vehicles plates and oil tanks. In either cases, the management always shifts the blame to the user.
The ferries all move on half engines as was what happened to the Kunta Kinteh on Thursday 26th when all the four engines went off only to be pushed by Kanilia. All these sort comings are blamed on the Director of ferries who is frequently accused of a laissez- faire attitude to their plight and requests. They are under maintenance and under fueled causing this havoc all the time in their operations.
The Nuiminkas and users are seriously dissatisfied, disenchanted and disappointed in the ways and manners in which the ferries are managed.
A good number of our citizens are working in the Kombos and wishing to come back home, cannot do so under these circumstances.
Government and the works Ministry should mount an investigation to verify these claims and speedily act on their findings.
Hon Jeng