President Barrow a ‘’ Betrayer ‘’ UDP Campaign manager


    By Aramata Jatta
    The National Assembly Member for Kiang West Hon. Fa Kebba Colley who also doubles as the Nation Campaign Manager for the United Democratic Party (UPD) in an exclusive with interview with Daily News allegedly accused President Barrow of being a betrayer by violating some key clauses of the memorandum of understanding of the coalition.
    Hon. Colley said considering the advent of the coalition, it came to resolve a problem, which 7 political parties and Independent candidate came together agreed on an MOU in the interest of the Gambian people. He argue that the violation of the MOU started a long time ago.
    Citing from the MOU, on the appointment of cabinet ministers, Hon. Colley revealed that the executive committee of the coalition under the leadership of Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang should be in consultation with the President in the appointment of cabinet ministers. He stressed that these has never happened in the appointment and dismissal of cabinet ministers.
    ‘’ Again we have seen the President dismissing ministers and according to the MOU before the removal of any minister the executive committee of the coalition should be consulted upon agreement then the fate of that particular minister can be decided’’.
    Hon. Colley assert that the same MOU states that after the removal of a cabinet minister, the party concern should make a nomination to the President through the executive committee of the coalition to determine who is to be replaced in that position.
    ‘’ In the MOU again there is a term limit of 3 years, I’m not saying UDP is in for 3 years but in the old agreement the term limit is 3years and we have recently seen that the 3years has been changed to 5years which is another violation’’.
    Dilating into the consequences of the non-membership of the president to the UDP, the campaign manager affirmed that it is not a setback for his party.
    ‘’ For the single fact that the president has no support on the ground, he is not well known to our supporters on the ground and I believe we have maintained our structure throughout the country’’.
    In clarifying the recent rumor in the creation of the Barrow Youth for National Development and the Barrow Fans Club for taken a large number of UDP militants from the party, Hon. Colley said they are yet to see that hence they haven’t seen the existence of any political party.
    ‘’ All what they claim is I’m UDP and whatever they are doing they are doing in the name of UDP, Well I know they have a hidden agenda. It hasn’t in anyway affected our party as I’m concerned’’.
    ‘’ What I believe, these people have a hidden agenda, it might be political or financial but as far as I’m concern I cannot say they are not part of the UDP, I take them to be UDP. Members of the movement are saying UDP is not supporting their agenda but I know these (Movement) is a party in the making”
    He confirmed that all along the coalition agreement has never been signed; Hon. Colley explained the reason why the UDP representatives walked out during the recent coalition meeting. He said the representatives walked out arguing that the old MOU be signed before the new one.
    ‘’ that’s the real fact because this is something that belong to the people and if we are changing anything the policy document attached should be first considered before coming into any other agreement’’.
    When Hon. Colley was asked about his party’s position on the 3 year agreement, he responded, that in as much as the Constitution on the term of the President states nothing more than 5 years, but is not saying one cannot resign before 5 years. Colley said UDP is neither in for 3 nor 5 years but instead their concern is signing of the MOU first before going in for new one.


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