President Barrow Confuses 3 vs 5 Years


The President is on records that Gambians will decide who their next president would be. The President went further to also they are the ones who voted him in as President for a mandate. Yes that is absolutely very correct; it was Gambians who elected their president and for a mandate.
Where the President did not clarify is for what period of mandate, has the electorates voted him for? The people of the Gambia were convinced and voted for a certain campaign promises and key among these promises made by the President as the presidential candidate of 2016 under a coalition banner was three years.
It will only tantamount to deviating from those promises which can be interpreted as betrayal of trust by the President and his government. When the team was on their campaign trails and made promises to Gambians, that only three (3) years would have been more than enough for the reforms to be effected; they very knew that our constitution has a five year mandate.
The fundamental question now is are they all out to decisive Gambians by already knowing that they are only deceiving the electorates, that the constitution says five years but they will go ahead and promise the people three years. This is really very unfortunate that our politicians can still deceive citizens.
How can President Adama Barrow turn around and tell Gambians that his mandate is five years as the Constitution dictates? That is deceiving why he and his team did tell the people the fact at the beginning?
The Opposition Coalition is busy these days calling meetings upon meetings in a move to assess the situation of the Coalition MoU in a bid to fix some of the faults and key on their agenda is the three years vs the five years.
The beginning of these meetings headed by former Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang is already marked with cracks on the walls. The former Minister and leader of the PPP Omar .A. Jallow had said that his position on the three years is not changed. That they (Coalition) told the people of the Gambia that they are going to be a transitional government of only three years and why would it change that at the eleventh hour?
The meetings currently going on cannot make a decisions for the citizens of the Gambia at this stage. All they can if they are to deviate from the MoU is for them to go around again back to every (bantaba) they stood before and ask if the people are willing to accept any of their changed sections of the MoU.
Among the most contentious sects is the section regarding the tenure of a transitional president; which is three years.
President Barrow have flouted several sections of the MoU of the Coalition MoU and that


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