“President Barrow do not Control UDP NAMs”- Hon Madi MK Ceesay


By Ousman A. Marong
Responding to a question whether President Barrow controls the UDP dominated National Assembly; Ceesay replied in the negative.
He stressed that President Adama Barrow would not and can never control any of the UDP National Assembly Members. The government is a democratic one and the Presidency respects the separation of powers as the Constitution of the land has it.
“We (UDP) members do asked critical parliamentary questions during our sittings in parliament, we criticized government where necessary and scrutinized government Bills that comes before us, so I see no sign that President Barrow controls anyone of us as UDP National Assembly Members, he noted.
He made these revelation while participating on a Radio current Affairs program on DHK FM called “Eye on the Gambia” anchored by MAMOS TV Reporter Ousman A. Marong.
He further revealed that the only way Jammeh succeeded in controlling his MPs was that, he made them have a constitutional clause of section 91d, this section has since changed. This was the way Jammeh succeeded in remote controlling his MPs.
Talking about his constituency; the law maker highlighted that the Bakoteh dump site is one agenda he has, and that is either waste be properly managed or the site be relocated. Hon Ceesay said he is seeing some better sings towards the waste management but more needs to be done as the people living around have suffered long time now.

Asked what plans he has for the constituency? What he has is the development agenda of pushing for government to spend in his constituency. Serekunda West is one of the most populated constituency in the country and therefore his people put more into government coffers and they deserve development.
According to the veteran journalist cum law maker, Hon Ceesay said their duties as law makers is not limited to only law making; but to carry out some oversight functions, which is very key. He said oversight includes the scrutiny of government accounts as the Finance and Public Account Committee (FPac) dose, Public Enterprise Committee (PEC) and other several National Assembly Select committees dose.
He revealed that since the National Assembly came into being there has been some key Amendments in the constitutions and laws of the country.
“Our functions include that tax payers monies are return to them in a form of developments”.
“I as a national assembly member like any other national assembly members do not hold budgets and therefore cannot implement projects in our various constituencies, adding that plans always go with budgets”
Responding to specifics, Hon Ceesay said in his constituency there are lots of s woman vegetable gardeners such as the Kololi Women, the Bakoteh women, and Manjai/ Kotu women vegetable gardeners all but one has got their own permanent garden. This he said is one agenda he is pushing for them to be allocated with a permanent place
Talking about the poor status of our economy, Hon Ceesay revealed that since 1965 Gambia’s economy has become a problem for The Gambians. Governments must develop our productive sectors in order to have an improved economy. When the nation cannot feed herself how then can there be any improved economy?
“If the productive sector is not develop our economy can never be developed” he said. The notion we have in Gambia is that agriculture is the back bone of our economy; which is almost death now he said.
He urged government to invest in the Agricultural sector if only we want it to continue to be the backbone of our economy


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