President Barrow Lacks Good Practice


By Almamo Kamaso

“President Adama Barrow is clueless on good governance practice” Hon Madi MK Ceesay told the Daily News. Ceesay was speaking in an exclusive to the Daily News from Kigali in East Africa. The Hon Member was responding to Barrow’s meet the people’s tour which kicked off today.
The President is empowered by the Constitution to at least go around the country once in a year to meet with citizens and discuss issues affecting them. This includes a whole range of issues principally from agriculture and other areas of development his government under takes.
Where President Barrow fails in terms of good practices is timely of his interventions when it comes to constitutional mandates.
Meet the people’s tour is best when the President visit the people at the beginning of the rainy season; this is the time when farmers can tell he the President their challenges and other successes. At this time of the season the President could have taken some measures to solve if not all but most of the farmers problems.
Asked what in his opinion was the president was not able to go out there earlier? Hon Ceesay said one must have people at heart as president of a particular country to meet them when they really needed you. President Barrow did not have the Gambian farmers at heart; but rather he is only busy trying to entrench himself in power.
Hon Ceesay said if he has the Gambian farmers at heart he would have as good practice teaches us , gone to meet the people at the beginning or in the middle of the rainy season. There and then he as President he would have come up solving some of the challenges our farmers were facing.
But now that farmers are harvesting their crops particularly ground nut and rice what use will the president’s tour have for the farming community?
As a matter of good practice the two former President do go on such tours at the beginning or in the middle of the rainy season.
Hon Ceesay said Barrow lacks good practice and that is what is wrong with him. Yes the constitution says once every year and no specific dates is given but good practice teaches us that beginning of the rainy season is the best time to visit the farmers.