President Barrow on Wrong Platform


The President of the republic of the Gambia, Adama Barrow last Saturday used a wrong platform for announcing the launching of his political party at the buffer zone as he executes a constitutional mandate of meeting the people twice a year as mandated by the 1977 constitution.
At section 222 of the Constitution of the 1997 Gambia ; which talks about code of conduct and sub section 15 of the said section reads “The President shall undertake a nation-wide tour at least twice a year in order to familiarize himself or herself with current conditions and the effects of government policies”
What has the announcement of President Adama Barrow’s launch of a political party do with conditions and effects of government policies? This is a misplaced announcement of the president and it’s an abuse of the public funds and a violation of the constitution that he swore to defend and uphold.
What the President and his pool of advisers fail to do is to maintained financial prudence; instead of adhering to the constitutional section the President from the start of this constitutional tour keep flouting the very constitution he swore to defend and uphold. He and his entire entourage keep politicking and partisan politics for that matter.
Tax payers monies are misused by sponsoring a full fledge political campaign, from Barra to the Buffer Zone in the name of meet the peoples tour.
President Barrow should stop taking Gambians for a ride. Section 222 and sub-section 15 of the constitution is very clear; the tour should be a nonpartisan political activity from any president, and so why is Barrow politicizing the entire tour?
What the President needs to have at the back of his mind is that there will be accountability across the board and therefore every unconstitutional expenditure will be accounted for at one point in time.