President Barrow to Address the Nation Tomorrow


The President of the republic of the Gambia, Adama Barrow will tomorrow address the nation as mandated by the Constitution.
The president of the republic should at least address the nation from the National Assembly once a year. If the President comes to the National Assembly tomorrow to perform that duty it will be his third time since assuming the leadership of the country.
Normally the best time for such address is for the President to go to the National Assembly at the beginning of the year because the objective is for the PARESDENT to inform the nation about his government’s plans for the next twelve months of the year. Now that we are at the tail end of the year; the Daily News wonder what plans of his government will President Barrow tell Gambians and how the members of the National Assembly would assess his government’s performance and against which background.
Since President Adama Barrow assumed the leadership of the Gambia, some three years ago he has never came to the National Assembly at the beginning of the year to carry out this function of his.
No one can blame him for coming so late since he became President; because the Constitution is not clear as to what time he is supposed to appear before law makers to carry out such a function. The Constitution only stipulates that the President should appear once in a year to address the law makers.
However it should be the responsibility of the government as part of good practice for the President to deliver such statements at the beginning of the year.
Even President Jammeh of all Presidents comes to the National Assembly at the beginning of a every year and not when government have spent all its budgetary allocations or almost carried out its development projects.
The first President, late Alhagie Dawda Kairaba Jawara also have never come to the Parliament as it used to be called to deliver his governments program of activities. He was always at the parliament around January of every year; that is good practice.
Why is President Adama Barrow not doing the same? Nobody is saying his late coming is unconstitutional but it is not good practice as the years is almost ended.
However he has improved on the timing just a little bit and we hope come next address it will be done on a proper timing.


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