Presidential Advisers Should Stop Partisan Politics


Presidential advisers are civil servants and they are paid from tax payer’s monies hence the reason for them to desist from partisan politics.
Civil servants and the local government authorities such as Alkalis and districts Chiefs should desist from partisan politics. However they all have a right to belong to political parties of their choices but cannot do active politics for no politician or political party.
The role of a civil servant is similar to that of a referee; and therefore it is not correct for them to show their true political colours or participate in political activities for any party. They work for all and are paid by all irrespective of political affiliations.
The deputy political adviser in the office of the President, Dou Sanno and some other advisers are openly holding political meetings and addressing political rallies of President Adama Barrow. This is not correct and does not go in line with the constitution of the country.
Gambians voted for change almost three years ago; most of the things Gambians voted against are showing up. Self-perpetuation in power is one of the cardinal reasons of the change.
When President Yahya Jammeh use the barrel of the gun and effected a change one of the things he told Gambians was that they are soldiers with a difference and that they are going back to the barracks after two years of rule.
They never did so; rather they become so power hungry that they started to stage manage some elders to come to State House and beg Jammeh to turn to civilian and contest. Jammeh change the AFPRC by removing the F and named his party (APRC).
Adama Barrow who has the support of Gambians and won an election against Yahya Jammeh in 2016; on the promise that the coalition will rule for transition period of three years. Other promises during these three years is that the coalition under its leader who happen to be President Adama Barrow will carry out some reforms including security and civil service.
The National Development Program (NDP) was created as a strategy to implement the coalition agenda. The Barrow administration decided to put the NDP agenda aside and is busy with his personal political agenda of self- perpetuation in power. The very cancer Gambians voted against.
What Barrow did was similar to Yahya Jammeh? He like Jammeh is in the formulation stages of a political party, named his party National Development Party (NDP) just like the transition strategy of National Development Program (NDP); He Barrow like Jammeh aided by these Political Advisers who are on the payroll of the government of the Gambia stage managed regions to pay courtesy calls on President Barrow on several occasions.
The other reason for which Gambians voted in a new dispensation is to end selective justice and nepotism.
The Barrow presidency can sack some people who he perceived to sympathised other political parties and see them as doing politics as contrary to the laws of the land but allow other civil servants continue serving in government such presidential advisers who are politicking for him at open political gathering.
Mr. President that is selective justice and should stop immediately as it is not in line with the Constitution of the country. What is good for the Goose is good for the gander. Rule for one rule for all.


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