Pull and Push at the EU-ACP Session Romania


By Our European Correspondent
Deputes at the Bucharest meeting of the 37th Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) of EU-ACP parliamentarians are divided on the approaches to the post Cotonou negotiations as the current Agreement ends march 2020.
Whiles the EU believe that the post Cotonou negotiation should be based on regions ; that is :Africans, Caribbean and the Pacific countries be approached separately, the ACP members of the parliament are saying no, the ACP is a block and should not be cannibalised.
The Zambian delegate is of the opinion that the ACP is a block and must be treated as a block period. He questioned why is the EU insisting that the group should be cannibalised and approached as A, C and Ps? We refused to be cannibalised and that we are a family and a block for that matter.
Already there are some members who referred to the relationship between the ACP and EU a failed relationship over the years.
The Sudanese delegation share the same opinion that the relationship is a failed one; he said if one is to assess the relationship there is little we had achieved. The Sudanese representative said the whole game has changed now with new players in the field; such as China and Jappan. He concludes that the block ACP must be left as it is.
Responding to the parliamentarians, the Commissioner argues that, they at the EU are not coming to cannibalise the block; but their position is that the post Cotonou negotiations be based on regions; rather than ACP as a block.


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