By: Ousman A. Marong
The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services have successfully concluded a country wide simulation exercise on the fuel service station facilities of Gambia National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).
The exercise which was recently conducted witnessed a dry fire drill exercise from The Gambia fire and sea rescue service and, evacuation procedures, rescue and inspection of premises of the corporation.
As part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR),the exercise benefited not only the staff of the company but the neighborhood and customers of the company, hence the exercise was one of a kind that involved some elements of raising safety awareness on the primary causes of fire , triangular of combustion, handling and usage of fire extinguishers.
The PRO Gambia Fire and Sea rescue services Pateh Gibba revealed that the exercise was a simulation and an imitation of the operation of a real-world process of systems. “The act of simulating something first requires that a model be developed; this model represents the key characteristics, behaviors and functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process,” he said. “The model represents the system itself, whereas the simulation represents the operation of the system over time. A fire simulation exercise involves some forms of psychological preparedness of the mindset characterized by sound knowledge of practical skills in mitigating disasters and other natural causes.”
PRO Gibba further challenged the general public to respect the rule of law especially when a fire engine is en route to the fire scene while victims are impatiently waiting rescue, hence the person awaiting rescue could be you or your family. He cautioned the general public to support fire fighters in executing their functions during fire and rescue operations.
The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services’ high command commended GNPC for showing profound interest in the safety and wellbeing of its staffs and customers. “Employees are the life blood of an organization, there is always a need to improve the capacity of staff in an organization. The Gambia fire and rescue service is urging all companies in the Gambia to come forward to emulate GNPC, the department would like to remind companies and individuals that; all forms of construction should be in conformity with fire safety standard regulations, otherwise, life and property might not be completely guaranteed,” Gibba added.
In an exclusive interview with our reporter, The Manager for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Mr. Kolley Suwai said the exercise was a success as both the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services and staffs of GNPC reacted within expected time frame. “The main purpose of this exercise is to build staff capacity necessary to mitigate and reduce fire hazards and provide a safer operating environment,” he added.


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