Road Accident Claims Lives


By Almamo Kamaso
In the early hours of 7th June, serious road accident occurred in the Pirang area, Kombo East, Kombo East, where it is understood that at least 5 people lost their lives together with other people who were seriously injured. The accident involved a minibus which was fully loaded with passengers travelling from Foni to the Kombos following the celebrations ending the Holy month of Ramadan. The minibus collided head on with a truck which was travelling in the opposite direction.
In a press release sent to ths media, the Secretary General of The Road Safety and Driving Standards Association (RSDSA) Pateh Baldeh said the accident highlights, yet again, the serious need for the government of The Gambia to address as a matter of extreme urgency the matter of Road Safety.
As a Charitable Association, Baldeh said RSDSA is advocating that, as the vast majority for all existing drivers in The Gambia have never had any form of formal Driver or Road Safety training, they should attend a course of Re-training/Refresher training in order to improve their driving standards and knowledge of Road Safety.
This, we are convinced, will pay dividend and shapely lead to a reduction in the number of such serious road accidents which occur too frequently in The Gambia. These road accidents cause great stress and considerable financial cost to our health service whose work is very much appreciated, so any reduction in their occurrence can only be of great benefit to the country.
RSDSA wishes to appeal to the Government to formulate policies as a matter of extreme urgency in order to remedy this serious situation by ensuring that all drivers should attend a recognized and approved driving school before being allowed to hold a driving license. It is in the interest of every single member of the community to push for these changes as road accidents affect every single person in the land.
The Secretary General of The Road Safety and Driving Standards Association (RSDSA) who was an eye witness wishes to extend, on behalf of the Association his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and good wishes to all who were injured for a speedy recovery.


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