Salary for Alkalos and Chiefs is demanded


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh
As part of the public consultation in upcountry the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) continue to engage the Gambian people in the process of drafting a new constitution for the republic of the Gambia.
The CRC engage the people of Mamud Fana in Niamina East and Catamina in the Niamina West districts all in the Central River Region South (CRR).
Some of the people of Niamina feels that there should be allocation of a monthly salary for Alkalos and Chiefs and their selection should be based on the traditional ways.
For others Alkalos and Chiefs should be elected by their own people and not to be appointed by the President. This way they can stay away from partisan politics and be answerable directly to their own people.
They also added that there should be a law to replace the inactive and ineffective NAMs who are not serving the interest of the constituency. The communities pointed that the Speaker of the House of Parliament should not serve a unilateral powers of sending an unruly NAM off the Chambers but it should be a unanimous decision by the NAMs.
However for the people of Niamina, the IEC Chairman and his commissioners should have term limits adding that they shouldn’t be appointed by the President, and they said the new constitution should give the mandate to political parties to appoint the IEC Chairman and its commission members.


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