Senegalo-Gambia Network Trade Fair Underway In Kaolack


Reporting From Kaolack is Ousman A. Marong
The Senegalo-Gambia Network Trade Fair is currently underway in the Senegales second capital of Kaolack. The Senegalo-Gambia Trade Fair Network is meeting one of its statutory obligations of organizing yearly international trade exhibition to facilitate local and international trade. The trade also brings focus participations of other foreign countries thereby enhancing completion among both local and foreign manufacturing and increasing trade.
The Senegalo-Gambia Trade Fair Network has launched its 4th edition of the International Trade Fair under the theme: valorization of local products the mastery of perimeters of the Competitiveness: Trade between Senegal and The Gambia, realization and Challenges.
In her part Sayda Mussukoro M’Baye president of the Senegalo-Gambia farmers entrepreneurs hailed the two countries in their maturity of understandings in coming up with such initiative, saying there is no different between the Gambia and Senegal, because we share the same culture, religion, and integrate together. According to her the only way to get both Senegal and The Gambia to a higher heights is through trading. She challenged the two presidents to get together to fully understand each for the way forward for the two nations.
Aga Mariama Ada Lette-Sey vice president Senegalo-Gambia Network of women entrepreneurs highlighted her impression on such a move between Senegal and the Gambia, adding relationship without outcome for both countries is still not a relationship. She urged the Senegalese authorities to council their custom officers to ease levying heavy task on Gambian’s citizens anything time they are entering in Senegal.
Mr. Serigne Mboup Head of Assembul Des Commerce in Kaolack commended the two leaders in their foresightness in seeing things happen in the way the citizenry’s want it. “We the Senegalo-Gambia Network have a dream in our two leaders, because integration between the two countries is now in its best compare to the former authoritarian rule under former president Jammeh.” He sighted the newly inaugurated Sene-Gambia Bridge as one key example, adding the construction of the bridge has now ease movement of goods and services between the people of Senegal and The Gambia respectively.
The former vice president Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang outlined aims and objectives on how both the two countries could connive together in order to come up with a unique suitable national Anthem thus represent both the two countries in its every annual year celebration. She further pointed out the significant for the Senegal-Gambia Network to sign and MOU in which they can open their own micro-economic financing saving account.
Aja Fatou Senghore head of delegation team Gambia revealed there would be a special marking place for the Senegalo-Gambia Network in its every annual celebration, but was quick to add that she wouldn’t be in her best to disclose where they would be stationed at, she remark.
Mr. Ebou Ndure Gambia Consulate in Senegal assured the Senegalo-Gambia Network support from the two leaders, he also challenged them to unite and do away with cajole words or un-pleasantries words to each other. She urged the two citizenry’s to unite and see each other as brothers and sisters. He highlighted that there cannot be peace without stability. He said for both Senegal and Gambia to develop in a way they want it, women should be at the fore front.
“The Only way to move this two grate nations is through trade and integration”, he noted.


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