Senegambia 3 Years Jotna Arrestees Hooked off Bail Conditions


By Almamo Kamaso
The Senegambia 15 protesters who were arrested on May 10th and were since reporting on police bail have their cases dropped last Monday 8th July 2019. The police got these citizens arrested on the pretext or tips that they were about to take to the streets against the coalition executives on the extension of MoU from 3 to 5 years.
All the arrested members of the group were hooked off the police bail and their guarantors have their national ID cards returned to them and asked not to report anymore, Daily News can confirmed.
Speaking to the Daily News one of them who asked for anonymity said from day one it was very clear to them that they have not broken any law so the action of the police was not inline as no crime was committee.
It could be recalled that since the arrest of these 15 citizens on 10t May 2019; they have being reporting to the Kairaba Police without failure.
The group members said that they were subjected to some degree of humiliation as the mere fact of their arrest is enough to justify their humiliation. And the fact that they were subjected to reporting for a very long time. The member said for first few days they were made to stay up to 5pm that for her is enough for metal torture.
When contacted Haggie Suwareh the PRO of the group what he feels about the drop of the case; he said we applaud the move but were are still determined to hold the Barrow administration accountable to their 3 years promise.
Whenn he was asked about the threats of the Interior minister that hot waters awaits for the would be protesters, Haggie did not only condemned it but said no amount of threats will make them retreat.


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