Sergeant Nyang Buried Alive Darboe Told TRRC


By Neneh Galley Barry
Sait Darboe, a private soldier at the time of the 1994 military takeover, testifying before the Commission told the TRRC that Sgt Fafa Nyang was shot by the Junta several times but could not be killed with bullets due the powers he has.
Nyang was then later subjected to kicks and hits with gun butts in an effort to killing him; he was then pushed in ditch which was dug earlier and buried alive. Even when helpless Nyang was in the ditch Corporal Colley fired gun shots at him.
At the time Lieutenant Basiru Barrow was already killed together with Dot Faal and their death bodies were pushed in the same ditch where Nyang was to be buried alive.
The witness told the Commission that all these killings were done in the presence of the leadership of the Junta in the persons of Edward Sighateh, Sanna Sabally, Yankuba Touray and Sadibu Hydara at the Yundum Barracks on November 11, 1994.
Darboe the 20th witness revealed that some of these captured soldiers were called out one by one from their cells by RSM Papo Gomez and put on board a Land Rover. Their hands were tied by him Papo Gomez and taking to the Corporal Lamin Bojang firing range. The witness can recalled the following names who were taking to firing range for execution: Lft Giril Saye, Buba Jammeh, Bubacar Manneh, Cadet Sillah, Couple Camara, Lamin, Buba Jammeh, and others that he could not remember. He said one Couple Dampha was among those tied to the Land Rover taking to the range for execution but was not killed. However he cannot remember if he is around anymore or not. Darboe said these soldiers were not killed by guns but butchered to death by their killers with the used of Bayonets.
He blamed Lieutenant Colonel Momodou Badgie and Babucarr Jatta who were all presence and did nothing to stop the killing of the said solders.
Darboe said Momodou Badgie was not at the Yundum Barracks, when Barrow, Dot Faal and Fafa Nyang were killed but he was present at the firing range.
He said the people present at the range were those captured soldiers were butchered to death were Yunkuba Touray, Sanna Sabally, Edward Singhateh, Peter Singhateh, Sadibu Hydara, Momodou Badgie and Babucarr Jatta.
“I cannot trust this man (Momodou Badgie),” said Darboe.
“They were butchered men, they killed them nastily. I saw dead bodies and they were killed with bayonets.”


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