Signing of SEMLEX Contract Aborted


By our Special Correspondent

The signing of a contract between Gambia Government and SEMLEX company schedule to take place today 22 March 2018 is aborted The Daily News can confirmed. The signing is said to be aborted and that the whole awarding should be subjected to a review.

Several countries including the Comoros Island have cancelled  similar contract with SEMLEX.The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Comoros Islands, Souef Mohamed El-Amine, has revoked and canceled 170 Comoros passports, all issued by Albert Karaziwan’s Semlex Group, to foreign nationals, on the grounds of abuse. Additionally, he has canceled Karaziwan’s diplomatic passport, which manes Karaziwan as a traveling Ambassador and Counsellor to the President of the Comoros Islands as well as all those passports issued to his wife and child

The government of the Gambia after inviting bids from Pristine Consulting firm a Gambian owned company and that of SEMLEX a Belgian company whose CEO is under investigation for corruption and money laundry according a British newspaper was said to have been awarded the contract of production of Gambian national Identity cards and passports .There is also a possibility of awarding the same company the production and printing of the Voters cards.

The awarding of the said contract of the national documents of the country was questioned and doubted by some concern citizens but with all that the government went ahead and award them the contract.

Unconfirmed sources told this newspaper that the government was warned that awarding such a contract with a company like SEMLEX would jeopardise relations with Gambia and some very important countries.

Earlier this newspaper has ran two editorial for the government to re-think of awarding SEMLEX with the production of such important national documents.    The newspaper argued that contracting such a company will put the integrity of the country in questions.



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