Spend Resources in Our Productive Sectors to Improve Economy


For any country to develop, that country must have its productive sector improved; and the Gambia is not an exception to such; especially in this very trying moments. The country is coming out from a very terrible situation for both our economy and human rights sectors.
The governance under the previous dispensation particularly the recent immediate past government has left much to desire. The cost of living is no match to people’s income as salaries were very poor and off course basic minimum cost of a decent living is far from reached.
The same situation is the current case with Gambians and therefore this government too needs to tighten up her belt to solve this poor economic situation. The salaries need to catch up with cost of living.
The human rights record of the past is no much to desire as during the dispensation under Jammeh, not only was disappearances were the order of the day but worst of all; people get killed at detention centres and the one detention centre notorious of that was the defunct NIA office; which has changed from investigation centre into a torture chamber for many innocent citizens and none citizens alike.
However what this editorial wants to pay much attention to is spending in the productive sector of our economy. It is an undisputable fact that agriculture use to be the economic back bone of the Gambia but not the case anymore.
Reasons are that it is our own governments who killed the sector; by not paying good attention to the sector. Farmers reached a point where their produces were not bought and as a result they have to shift to other sectors. The agriculture produces went down to a point that the sector suffer from an irreparable reforms.
Now if we are to revive agriculture our governments have to spend government resources into the productive sectors; such as crop production, vegetable production and even animal husbandry.
We should not only produce the raw materials but we should be able to add value to our products. This mean we need to come up with factories where we can carry out some processes.
We all know that here in the Gambia we have so many mangoes and other fruit trees and at some times in the year we do produce too much of them but we cannot even preserve them and they end up all spoiled. Why can’t we preserve such fruits and make some simple stuffs out of them such as jams?
It is high time that our governments take our productive sectors very seriously and spend in them in order to improve the economy. If we fail to pay good attention in our productive sectors there is no way we can improve our economy.


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