SSFHC Staff Owes Pensioners Over D120 million


By: Our Parliamentary Correspondent
The staff of Social Security and Housing, Finance Cooperation (SSFHC) is said to be owing Gambian pensioners over 120 million dalasi.
This was revealed by Mambureh Njie, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs in the National Assembly during “question and answer” session held on Wednesday. According to him, SSFHC staffers owe pensioners monies in form of loans to the tune of one hundred and twenty-seven million, two hundred and forty-three thousand, one hundred dalasi and ninety-nine bututs (D127, 243,100.99). The staff was said to have taken a total of D 136,324,651.36 as loans in 2008 and were only able to pay D9, 081,550.40 leaving a balance of D127, 243,100.99 by June 2018. Pressed to give reasons why for a period of ten years the staff was not able to pay even half of the loan taken from pensioners’ coffers, Njie said that there was already some mechanism in place as far as loan recovery was concern. He told deputies that loans are deducted from sources and that as far as the staff loans are concerned there is no defaults. Further asked as to what happens if those staff members who took the loans are dismissed from the SSFHC, the Finance Minister was quick to say that loans are not given without collaterals and therefore assured the MPs that loans would be paid no matter what.
Responding to another question, Njie told members that the Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) was solely owned by the SSFHC and that there was no other shareholders.


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