State House Grounds Turned Into a Political Bureau


It is very clear that the State House under President Adama Barrow is now a political bureau. The premises of the presidential residence and its offices is now been turned in a meeting point for his personal political ambitions.
Regions in the country are taking turns visiting the State House under the deception of paying courtesy call on the president. At whose cost, we at the Daily News have no idea yet.
The president did created and founded what is called The Barrow Youth Movement for National Development and later the Barrow fans Club; with the motive of politicking.
President Adama Barrow was overheard in one close door meeting with some close political associates and he told them that he is a political animal and needed the movement for politicking as he cannot be part of any registered political group according to the Coalition agreement. And thus the rationale behind the creation of the Barrow Youth Movement.
To achieve such political ambitions, President Adama Barrow first called on the people of Westcoast Region, KMC and Banjul who were the first to pay a courtesy called to the President at the State House.
At each of the above meetings tents were provided together with food and some beverages. The first time such activities are held under President Barrow; something former President Jammeh bad as he was did not practice.
The event which usually brought together hundreds of people including some cabinet ministers and other government officials, with the sole motive of showing support to the President’s National Development Plan.
One would asked should the president do so, at whose cost are these meetings footed? These are questions that citizens and other concern people ask and would like answers.
The Daily News is of the opinion that the President of the republic should not have turned the State House into a political bureau because that premises belong to all Gambians and therefore because one is President did not give him/her the powers to personalise the place. Barrow is an independent president today and yesterday it was an APRC president who knows which political party will crown the next president of the country. So it is wrong to personalise what belong to all.
The president has no course to use the grounds of the State House for his political ambitions at the cost of the state, the fact that the premises belonged to the tax payers; and the fact that the tents that are used are state properties make it at the cost of the state.
The president is empowered by the constitution to at least tour the whole country once every year. Now that his movement and fan clubs have bureaus all over; he should make use of these facilities and stop wasting state resources.
President Barrow should stop turning the State House into a political bureau and concentrate on national development.


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