Swallow Your Pride and Talk to 3 Years Jotna President Barrow


The government of the Gambia, under the leadership of President Adama Barrow needs to swallow its pride, save the country from trouble by responding to the demands of the people who are calling his attention to 3 years Jotna. Talk to them Mr. President.
December 16, 2019 a very large number of people who belong to the camp of reminding the President of his promises and the bases of his elevation to the presidency; that he respects his own words have to be recognized.
If President Barrow and his government fail to dialogue with dissenting voices by swallowing their pride; can lead this country to something no one wants. The lack of listening to dissenting voices tantamount to suppression and suppression leads to rebellions.
The trend of arguments by the presidency seems to be defensive. Who said the transition government of President Barrow must complete all the reforms before at the end of the three years?
Governments go and leave behind unfinished projects and those projects are always completed by the incoming ones. Who said its only the Barrow government that can effectively complete the TRRC, and other reforms such as the CRC, and the civil service reforms together with the security reforms? Who said the 3 years Jotna is unconstitutional? If they are why were they given the permits to protest?
It’s very disappointing that such utterances are coming from government’s number 2, Vice President of the Gambia Dr. Isatou Touray. The Vice President stood on the floors of the National Assembly and called the 3 years Jotna unconstitutional, that is the least we expect from leaders like her.
The Barrow government should have the moral strengthen and openly dialogue with the 3 years jotna group even if they disagree with them, in order to arrive at an agreement.
These are people who are in their very large numbers and it will only be very unwise for any serious government to ignore them. It’s in the best interest of our security, economy, and tranquility for the government not to miss this last opportunity by responding effectively and not to be carried away by sentiments.
The security and stability of the Gambia is entrusted in your hands as men and women of the government ; failure to do so history will judge all of you sooner or later as it judging those before you.