Take 3 Years to National Assembly: Sack Ministers Bah, Mballow and Adviser Gomez


By Almamo Kamaso

The former mayoral aspirant Musa Jammeh of Bakau, who now resides in UK warned President Adama Barrow to take the much talked 3 years Jotna to the National Assembly for advice. He also warn him to sack Minister Hamat Bah, Presidential adviser Hendry Gomez and minister Ebrima Mballow.
Jammeh in a telephone interview with the Daily News raise his voice on the leadership of members of Coalition parties that the numbers that remain lack the mandate to decide for the country on the issue of the 3 years.
He vehemently denounced them that they do not have the numbers to sit around the table to tell Barrow to continue for 5 years, other than been selfish for their personal interest. NRP,GMC, GDPD, INDEPENDENT and Madam Fatoumatta Tambang cannot make a decision for the whole country ,since looking at their support base and party structures, they can’t pull more than 50 thousand votes out of the over 800 thousand voters. This Jammeh told the Daily News, clearly shows that they can’t decide for Gambians, majority of who are asking for Barrow to honour the 3 years as per their agreements.
The politician said we all understand that 3 years was the programme sold to Gambians and Gambians came out to strongly voted for that agreement and agreement he deliberately violated .
He said it is based on the above points, that am asking the Chairman of the Coalition Madam Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow to write to the Speaker of the National Assembly to give her chance to come and explain to the parliamentarians the reason why Barrow needs to extend his mandate to 5 years.
“We the Gambians all are aware of the 5 years constitutional mandate, but the same constitution stipulated that the President can resign if he or she deems it necessary and hand the power to his Vice President” Jammeh said.
Asked if the President is not doing well since becoming President of the Gambia? He retorted saying since becoming President, Barrow has fail on every aspects of his promise to Gambians and 80% of his appointments have not delivered at all.
The President is only good at going around the country making empty promises and only 5% of such promises are delivered and he is using the state resources for baseless campaign through his so called baseless institutions BYM.
Jammeh accuses the President of using the National Document (NDP) to gain political scores. President Barrow Youth for National Development (PBYND) and Barrow Youth Movement (BYM) shouldn’t be delivering the projects when we have an institution backed by the Constitution which is the Ministry of Youths and Sports to implement the projects. But instead he is allowing his Fans Club to do so at the expense of the State.
Jammeh said if the National Assembly agrees to extend his mandate then as Gambians we shouldn’t come out to demonstrate for the 3 years, instead we can all hold our NAMs accountable; that way we can maintain peace, stability in our country which has been battered for 54 years.
It is the views of Musa Jammeh that The Gambia has become a sorry State due to reasons of incompetent as people serving in various ministries and institutions are not delivering. Ebrima Mballow, Hamat Bah and Henry Gomez should all be sacked for using Government resources and attending a meeting purposely to Launch a political party . And also for using such a platform to instigate violence in the Gambia, Bah saying if 3 years demonstrator are allowed others too should demonstrate, and for a whole State Minister Mballow saying they will pour hot water on would be demonstrator is unacceptable.
Jammeh said dose that means that already Cabinet have decided not to issue permits to the 3 years group come December 2019? He described Hendry Gomez as acting like a clown, calling out people for been ungrateful when he fail young people for not delivering at all when he was minister for Youth and Sports.
Jammeh said he is very disappointed when Minister Barrow mention that no one from the Diaspora applied for the Leadership of UDP when it was advertised, I can tell him to check with uncle Dembo Bojang and Kemo Ceessay present deputy Treasurer of UDP whom I contacted to apply for the position of the UDP Leadership.
The people in the diaspora have contributed immensely for the change that happened but no one individual can claim the political score because they wanted to form a political party. Gambians are waiting, he concluded.


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