Tamba Jatta Broke Two of my Tooth


By Almamo Kamaso
Talking to the Daily News reporter Kafu Bayo confessed that two of is tooth were broken by one Tamba Jatta a former NIA operator whiles he was tortured at the NIA offices after his arrest on 14 April 2015. Kafu was speaking to the Daily News in an exclusive interview at his Tujereng residence over the weekend.
He said immediately he and other members of the April protesters were arrested and taken to the PIU, the then IGP of The Gambia Police Force Yankuba Sonko, ordered them to be handcuffed. Bayo said that is where their tortures began, soon they have their hands tied together and the (PIU) officers threw them like bundles of none living beings at the back of an open truck.
Narrating his ordeal at the hands of the NIAs, Bayo said on arrivals at the NIA premises, he was pushed into a dark room, and soon his head was grabbed by a hand who he could not see due to the darkness of the room. “My hands were forcefully tied behind me and my head was also covered with a black plastic bag” he explained.
Kafu said, the NIA officers tied his head tiredly and as he complained of the robe attached to his left eye was too tight; one of them told him this is just the tip of the iceberg, adding that someone we are going to kill, if that person is complaining about his eye. Then he does know what he is complaining about.
When I responded that I believe that if my time is not up you people can’t kill me, I was hit by one Tamba Jatta and broke two of my tooth instantly”.
“I was tied from my feet up to my neck while lying on the table, and I could notice it was four people beating me, with an iron cane containing some iron springs.
Asked what the prison conditions were? He responded that the prison conditions was another horrible thing. He revealed that prison authorities gave them empty Evian water bottles which they use to urine. He said these are the same bottle they will filled with water for us to drink.
You can read the full interview in the inside pages.


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