The Construction at the Former NIA Can Destroy Evidence


The move to rebuild the former National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and now referred to as the State Intelligent Services (SIS) though the later name is not in accordance with laws of the land as the name change should be a matter before the National Assembly which was never done.
However the name change is not the subject of this editorial but rather the capability of destroying evidence of torture and other unlawful activities of the former employees of the NIA under a brutal Jammeh regime.
The recent revelations of witnesses at the Truth , Recompilation, and Reparation Commission (TRRC) is enough signal that most if not all the tortures of both some of the civilians and uniformed men of our land took place at the premises of the defunct NIA. The NIA was a torture chamber for victims of the second republic under Dictator Yahya Jamus Junkung Jammeh; and a slaughter house too.
The recent revelations by some of the victims clearly indicates that they were taking to the NIA offices and subjected to numerous inhuman treatments.
As the TRRC revelations are going on the trail of some victims at some of our courts are indicating similar treatments at the hands of wicked NIA and soldiers of our Army at the former NIA complexes.
In fact one of the witnesses at the High Courts in the name of Nogoi Njie said as they were tortured at the NIA complexes after their arrest; late Solo Sandeng was confirmed dead at the NIA.
The Daily News therefore is of the opinion that the reconstruction currently taking place at the former NIA complexes can be capable of destroying evidences of some kinds of acts by the former aids of former dictator Yahya Jamus Junkung Jammeh.
The reconstruction is welcome because we want a name change and attitudinal changes to go with environmental changes too. But we could have all the changes done and yet the clues and other traces of criminal activities not destroyed.
Those buildings and the horrible detention centres such as the Bamba dinka 1 and 2 and other cells should not have been demolished. Who Knowns if the TRRC commissioners would one day want to see places for themselves just like they did with the mile 2 prison.
We therefore urge that if some of the traces are not yet touched, please reserve them for inspection as you would not know what next Gambians will call for. Will the forensic expert not be interested in where and how some of the disappeared persons or even the said to have been killed persons at the NIA offices.
In some of the cell used by these wicked people former detainees have written some memoir which could of use to investigators.
So please let not destroy some vital traces of acts of atrocities and do let preserve them to enable justice to complete.


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