“The Feeling That I Was About to die was enough a Torture for Me” Jeng


Former police Cadet Officer Abubacar Sulayman Jeng said he was arrested and detained for 18 months under horrible cell conditions at Mile 2; cell number 25/26
“My cell was full of rats and other insects with only a bare plank of wood” He told the TRRC that on arrival at Mile 2 prison he was stripped off his cloths in exchange for prison clothes. Jeng told the TRRC that his personal belongings were all taken from him and that he was not given a bed, just bare planks which he used as bed.
He said on the 6th September, 1994 some group of soldiers led by the leaders of the Junta except Yahya Jammeh came to their cells and move some of them away to other detention locations. Former Police soldier said the night of the 6th September was like a hell for them the prisoners under custody.
The command of the Junta, he said came dragging some of them one after the other from their cells, beating detained soldiers and officers anyhow. The tortures was very traumatic and painful he explained.
He mentioned names of imprison soldiers like Mamat Cham, Ebrima Chongan and RSM Babucar Jeng being taken out of their cells , beaten, tortured and after a while we heard gun shots and we believe that they were executed.
The Junta members made them to believe that Matmat Cham, Ebrima Chongan and RSM Jeng were being killed.
He further disclosed that Captain Samsidden Sarr remained motionless in his cell after the tortures and he (Sarr) displayed excessive fear, depression and symptoms of mental illness. The witness disclosed that he was detained for almost 18 months.
He confess to the Commission that he was psychologically tortured though he was not beaten physically and that the feeling that he was about to die was enough a torture for him.
Jeng after his release was advise by a senior colleague of his that he should not disclose what had happen to him at Mile 2 as information flows and can cause him another arrest. Jeng later was called by the police and given his former position. He told the commission he never regretted return as doors were open for hm.


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