The Training of 15 Female Journalists is Underway at Juffureh


By Almamo Kamaso
Fifteen female journalists from the Network of Community radio journalists and the Association of Female Journalists are currently undergoing a week long training at the Kunta Kinteh lodge in Albreada village.
Media Agenda with support from the UNESCO office in Dakar through the country office of NATCOM is training a total of thirty (30) young female journalists. The training is based on some basic disciplines in journalism ranging from fake news, principles of journalism and quality programming. The training will be two phases.
Hon Omar Darboe NAM for Upper Nuime told the participating journalists that, their profession is key and very dynamic and therefore to keep abreast with issues they need a continuous capacity building.
The media he went on “has key and vital role to play in national development and therefore you must be professional to do that job and do it well”. He warn the journalists that giving information requires accuracy and authoritativeness.
“As the saying goes information is powerful and to manage that powerful tool, that tool needs to be handle by men and women of high professionalism and integrity” Hon Darboe said
In his remarks the Director of Media Agenda Hon Madi M.K Ceesay expressed his gratitude to UNESCO for making the training a reality. He said without the funding his organization would not have make the training a reality.
Ceesay urged the journalists to take the training very seriously as such trainings help a lot to sharpen the horns of practicing journalists. You may not be given everything within these five days but it will help a lot in keeping us a breast with emerging issues in our daily works.
He said his organization Media Agenda was inexistence since 2006 and have the support of UNESCO. U.S embassy, the UK embassy and other donors conducted a lot of such capacity building trainings for the Gambian journalist.
Speaking on behalf of the Female Journalists and the Network of Community journalists, Mrs Aminata Sanneh Secretary General of the Female Journalist Association said her organisations is grateful to Media Agenda and called on her members who are participating to make maximum use of the time and the resource persons.
The resource persons are Veteran television broadcasters Aja Mama Jaye, former GPU president Emil Touray, Aminata Sanneh a media trainers and the Director of Media Agenda Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay.


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