The TRRC Revelations Are Touching


The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) is doing a very good job in unveiling some very unfortunate violations of human rights. And that some of the key players who participated in carrying out those very unfortunate humiliations meted out to citizens are very disheartening.
However the Daily News encourage witnesses to come out and confessed their crimes in the interest of reconciliation and peace. The only way to heal peoples wounds to confession and apology.
The courage and truthfulness displayed by Sanna B Sabally the former number two man in the AFPRC government is really commendable and needs to be emulated by other key players in the horrible violation of human rights in our dear country.
The revelations by him was a straight forward thing and him openly taking responsibility of the killings of the two soldiers at the Fajara Barracks as the commander on the ground shows how truthful he is. Sanna never stopped at taking the responsibility of the killings at Fajara but the executions of the 6 soldiers too at the Forest.
In his own words “I am the commander on the grounds and I take responsibility of the killings and nobody else”. He refused to implicate people who have not participated in the killings even when the lead counsel ask such leading questions. He made t categorically clear that Momodou Badgie was not at the killings of Basiru Barrow as opposed to other witnesses who try to implicate him.
Sanna never mentioned Yahya Jammeh in some of the cases and even where Jammeh was the one who said kill the enemies or the ring leaders ; Sanna said he takes responsibility as the commander on the ground.
Explaining his own ordeal; Sanna who was one time a very strong man in the AFPRC government; himself was subjected to horrible tortures to a point of going unconscious for several times.
The man was also on several occasions was subjected to being hammered all over his body to a point of death.
Sabally told the TRRC that he was also forced to have sexual intercourse with his colleague Sadibou Hydara and when both of them refused, Sadibou was first castigated and since then he started bleeding until he met his untimely dead on the 6 of June 1995 as opposed to what the junta said earlier that he died on 3 June 1995. Later he too was attempted to be castigate but he was never even though he suffered and could not function as a man until after several medical treatment later years in Europe.
Sanna with all what has happen to him said he forgive them for whatever his former colleagues did to him. This is great of a man who confessed his mistakes and called on Yankuba Touray, Yahyah Jammeh and Edward Singhateh to come and tell the Gambians their version of the story at the TRRC.
The Daily News called on witnesses to come after Sanna to really tell the Gambians their side of the story in a truthful manner. This is the only way when people who are offended by other can forgive. Failure to tell the people the truth will only make people more and unhappy.


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