Torture Victims Should Not be Remembered only by Government


There is no doubt and disagreement that the Solo Sandeng group of Aril 14 2015 are the people who laid their lives to end Jammeh/APRC dictatorship after 22 horrible years. On that fateful day, late Solo and his team comprising of now Hon Fatoumata K Jawara, Nogoi Njie, Modou Ngum,late Ebrima Janko Ceesay, late Solo Krumah and 11 others took the streets of Serekunda matching from Bambo to Westfield demanding for electoral reforms.
The peaceful protest was then met with an unequal police and military force at Westfield, orders purportedly coming from the office of the former president Yahya Jammeh. Arrests were soon made and soon the victims were taking to different detention centers and tortures began immediately. This resulted into to the brutal killing of Solo Sandeng less than 24 hours of his arrest.
Why then, would Gambians allow these victims who survived the horrible maltreatment in the hands of the former NIA, who are now living with disabilities and the trauma of the torture helplessly suffering?
The independence of the Gambia from the dictatorship of APRC/Jammeh was as a result of these innocent people, counting less than 20 out of 1.8million Gambians who took the streets and demand for an electoral reform.
It was when they were arrested and maltreated to the extent of killing Solo, that Gambians were united and said enough is enough the dictator must go.
The civil society started to take their rightful positions, the religious groupings took their rightful positions, and the political parties were all united and the change was established.
The April 14 was followed by April 16th when the leader of one of the biggest political party (UDP) Lawyer Darboe called a press conference and said
“I will take the streets to demand for Solo, dead or alive, if they shoot I will be the first to take the bullet and when I die my deputy party leader will lead the party and if that happen I believe the dictatorship will end”
He took the street immediately after those words strong message, together with now Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hon Momodou L.K Sanneh, Hon Fakeba Colley, Hon Lamin Dibba, late Hon Femi Peters and scores of others all of who were also arrested and maltreated.
May 9th another group led by Bakary Jammeh including the late Lang Marong, and 18 others were arrested as more and more took the streets in protest of the earlier arrests and killing of Solo and the continuous detention of the rest of the team members.
What is more interesting is that all these three groups, from April, 14, 16 and May 9th are all members of the UDP and no other political party members.
However, all others, join the wagon later to liberate the Gambia from there on wards. The civil society, individuals and last but not the least, all political parties joined under a coalition banner and finally ended the dictatorship of APRC/Jammeh.
However, some people paid more than others and that is all the reason why we should not forget the families of those killed and those who are still living with the disabilities and traumas such as Nogoi Njie, Modou Ngum, Alasana Beyaye and others who are not mentioned in this editorial.
Daily News commends all and sundry in the fight whether living in the country at the time or outside of the country you all contributed well in the downfall of APRC/Jammeh.
And to those APRC militants that voted against the tyrant during the electoral cycles we say a big thank you for seeing your country and an individual. We commend others who are still crossing the line over to other political parties for the betterment of Gambia our mother land.


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