Trade Committee Chair Frowned at Foreign Dominance


By Aramata Jatta
The Trade Committee of the Legislature on Tuesday concluded its five day oversight visit to the institutions under its jurisdiction such as GCCI, GMC and GPA.
Chairperson of the parliamentary group Hon Muhammed Mahanera, hailed the committee and the media for their commitment and dedication manifested during the course of the five day visit. He frowned at foreign dominance in the country’s business sector.
Hon. Mahanera implored on the government to encourage Gambians into business, so that they (Gambians) will have commitment towards national development.
“Of course with the trend, the resources will remain in the country”.
He argued that any economy which is control by foreigners the citizens of that particular country will suffer.
The day long tour kick off at the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI ). The GCCI is an organization which facilitates businesses for its membership with a sole aim to promote, safeguard and provide services to the Gambian business community.
While at the GCCI headquarters in Bijilo along the Bertil H arding highway the Management ( GCCI) stressed the need to prioritize local content, level playing field for the entrepreneurs, transparency and protection of the business communities. This according to them will encourage and ensure effective involvement of the Chamber and the actors in the business arena.
The Gambia Milling Coperation (GMC) started operations in 2013 and has been producing flour and animal feed since inception with a production capacity of 5000 bags daily with 130 employees, member were told at the site of the factory.
The cooperation manager Mr. Eugene told deputies that the company produces 1700 bags of animal feed a day. In 2017, the company increased its capacity from 300 metric tons to 450 metric tons per day and the supply demand of its market suppliers is 20,000 bags weekly.
Eugene alluded that they produce 2700 bags of flour a week in the month of Ramadan and the company import the wheat for its the production of flour
“we don’t export our produce, all this is to meeting the flour and animal feed of the Gambian consumers”.
Visiting the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) the Managing Director, Ousman M Jobarteh, highlighted that ports have a storage area of 63,000 square meters of storage area for handling an increasing number of containers.
Jorbateh asserted that the container business alone and transit grew by more than 102 percent, due to the ongoing national transformation.
He affirmed that they are certain that the growth indicators are strong and real comparing with the GDP growth that is produced by the Ministry of Finance.
“In terms of volume, we have 2.5 million metric tons of cargo and the number of containers has also increased to 130,000 by end 2018 that were handled.
Deliberating on the constraints, Mr Jorbateh told NAMs that limited space at the ports is a major challenge for them, as a result of increase in volume of cargo.


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