Trump Going on Jammeh’s Path – Ex US Soldier


By: Special Reporter
Dawda Rowsey, a retired American soldier has drawn striking parallelism between Donald Trump’s style of leadership and that of former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, alleging that the US President is fast becoming a dictator.
Mr. Rowsey, a black American military man who has now chosen Gambia as his second home following his retirement made the remarks during an exclusive interview conducted in our offices in Manjai Kunda.
According to him, Jammeh and Trump have a lot in common as they both seemingly read from a play book for dictators. To buttress on his point, Rowsey claims that Trump is now using the fear factor to rule Americans. “Jammeh used fear to rule Gambians. So now Trump is also using fear to rule over Americans. This man has instilled so much fear in the minds of US citizens.” He said both Jammeh and his dictator brother have also embarked on “divide and rule” game; in other words they deliberately divided their people to control and rule them. “Trump is a very divisive leader. He divides people by race, religion, sex or others. He attacks anyone who speaks against him or his policies. Trump discriminates against Moslems,” Rowsey noted.
Still on Jammeh and Trump, the former US soldier observes that they are selfish as leaders and all they know is “me, me” attitude as they both expressed an exaggerated sense of self interest. “For Trump, it is all about himself, his family and nobody else.” He said Trump has no adviser and he hardly takes briefing from his aids. Jammeh also used to say that he had no presidential adviser.
Mr. Rowsey went on to allege that Trump is nothing but a con man that is systematically undermining American values of democracy, human rights, liberty, freedom and justice. “Trump has shown all the characteristics of dictatorship. This type of regime will never happen in America again. Most Americans are true believers of democracy and the right to vote. He said because of Trump and his bad policies, the respect America has globally is fast dwindling and that US no longer has moral ground to lecture anybody on democracy, rule of law or other high principles. Therefore, Mr. Rowsey, argues Trump’s attack directed against Africans and their leaders was misplaced. Trump has harshly criticized African leaders for turning their own people into slaves and promoting corruption, saying “Africa should be decolonized because Africans are still under slavery.”

As US midterm election gets closer, Mr. Rowsey launched a clarion call on all Americans to get together and salvage their country from going further down drains. He said Trump needs to be shown the door sooner than later before he causes more damage to America and the world. “Democrats and republicans need to stand together to regain our noble place in the world,” he emphasized. “I will like to tell Americans to wake up and no more sleeping and vote for the benefit of the nation. We will always bounce back. America is always being great. We trust in no man but God,” Mr. Rowsey concluded.


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