UDP Calls on Barrow to Honor 3 Years


By Ousainou J. Sawaneh (Ojee)
The leadership of the United Democratic Party UDP has on Wednesday 6th November 2019 made a strong statement in a press conference, calling on President Adama Barrow to honor his words and resign after 3 years.
The position of the UDP is that if any of the conditions were not agreed upon by the parties to Coalition 2016 there would not have been a coalition at all.
“The coalition independent Candidate agreed to serve for three years as President if he wins the Presidential Election of 2016 and to resign at the end of the three years and supervise first election in which he shall not participate”.
“The UDP urges all the parties to the 2016 Coalition agreement particularly its principal, H. E. President Adama Barrow to be faithful to the terms and conditions of the 2016 Coalition agreement and to fulfill his promise. He Promise the Gambian electorates that if elected he will serve for a term of three years only and step down to supervise free, fair and transparent presidential election”.
It could be recall that the leader of the UDP Hon Darboe has made a statement supporting President Barrows 5 year’s mandate, saying “anyone who wants to force Barrow to resign he will take the person to court”.
Defending that position in a press conference with the journalists at the party’s political bureau in Manjai has now claimed that those statements were his personal statements not the party but at the party level they calling Barrow to resign, “I am an individual Ousainou Darboe, that’s was my personal statement as a lawyer and the UDP is not using any step that is forcing president Barrow to resign”.
Darboe further responding to questions raised by the journalists, said if Barrow refuses to honor his words , then Gambians will agree that he is not a man of honor and that he does not deserve a second term” Darboe said.
Darboe further added that when Barrow was being selected, he had proposed Dr. Isatou Touray and “Adama Barrow said, who is Ousainou, to have his position stand” he quoted
“Meaning am out of the party and I cannot dictate to the party” adding that, if I cannot dictate any person to be selected as the UDP’s Presidential candidate, then I cannot dictate to the party to adopt my position at all” Darboe said.
Consequently the UDP wishes to clearly state that as a stakeholder in Coalition 2016 the party supports the terms and conditions of Coalition 2016 agreement.