UDP Commemorates 1996 Denton Bridge Ambush


By Almamo Kamaso
The Leader and Secretary General of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, who also is the Vice President of the Coalition government on Saturday referred to the 1996 September ambush by the criminal government of APRC under Yahya Jammeh as one of the most painful and horrible day in the history of the UDP party.
Lawyer Darboe was addressing a mass UDP political rally in Banjul over the weekend following his party’s Central committee meeting.
He narrates that on 22 September 1996 as his party was heading toward Banjul at the last leg of their nation-wide tour; the APRC tugs which included cabinet ministers some of whom were in their military outfits attacks the UDP team. The tugs forced the entourage to alight from their vehicles and many were tortured.
Among those who were severely beating; included Amadou Sanneh,Yankuba Dibba,Kebuteh Jaffuneh,Fa Bojang , Sedia Sanyang, Sajor Kunjang Sanneh and several other party militants. Darboe told the rally that attack was the beginning of the tortures and in-human treatment of UDP as the main opponents of the APRC.
On that day more than 50 of his party militants were admitted at Dr Ceesay’s clinic for treatment of various kinds of injuries; and others were giving treatment in their homes.
Many of these tortured militants die due to the injuries sustained under the heartless hands of the Jammeh’s tugs, Darbo told the rally.
The UDP leader said therefore we owe them a lot and hence forth the party shall commemorate every 22 September in remembrance of those who suffered in the hands of the brutal regime in defence of the Gambia.
The party chief dismisses as false information that he was the one who refuse to buy vehicles and motor bikes for party chairpersons ; he said those are unfounded information.
He reminded people in the West Coast Region not to so quickly forget the late Imam Karamo Touray, Fa Sanyang , and Sajor Kunjang Sanneh all of Brikama; and in the same vein the late Ismaila Manjang.
These are all good and decent citizens of Gambia who stood firm in the protection of the people of this country and all suffered in the hands of the Jammeh and his APRC regime.
Councillor Ma Bintou Kabba of Half Die ward who was a victim of the 22 September 1996 recalled how she saw Pa Ansunding Keita and others maltreated at Denton bridge on that fateful day. “I was a school girl then and went to welcome my party entourage as they were coming to BANJUL as the last point of their meeting, at Denton bridge we have put off out party T-Shirts and hide to escape the torture” She narrates
In attendance were the Mayor of Banjul, deputy Mayor of KMC, members of the National Assembly and all party chairs.


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