“UDP Has Nothing to do With 3 Years Jotna” Lawyer Darboe


By Amadou Gaggigo
The United Democratic Party (UDP) has no relationship with the operation 3 Years Jotna, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe told thousands of UDP militants at the Wellingara community football field over the weekend.
The UDP leader told the crowd that the UDP has no relationship wat so ever with the operation 3 years Jotna but if his party has anything to do with it there will be no hiding about that. Any time the UDP decides on a position we come up with a press statement signed by his party’s executive.
Lawyer Darboe said his party is getting ready for the 2021 presidential elections and no other means. He challenged those who wish to contest the elections in 2021 elections.
The veteran politician called the attention of government to seriously look into appointments into the Public Service Commission (PSC) as he said what was voted against is slowing creeping in.
Speaking earlier the deputy party leader Ajaratou Mariam Secka called on the you ones to come forward as the future is bright for them. She also called on the Women too to take up political positions in the party. Secka said the current UDP executive has more youth and women than before.
Taking to the podium the Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay for Serekunda West told the cheering crowd that t is unfortunate that our government (coalition) that Gambians voted for in 2015 has nothing good for her citizens other than to purchase two vehicles at over D5Million each only to use it pour hot water on would be protesters.
Ceesay told the rally this is coming at a time when the government of Adama Barrow cannot but vehicles for our police stations nor dose they have fire service vehicles that can extinguished fire at fire breakouts.
The system we are in today is not much different from what use to happen before the change of government. He condemned selective justice. Some people can be sacked on the pretext that they are civil servant who are meddling into partisan politics; but there are other who are busy using state resources and they are civil servant but running the political agenda of barrow but not sacked.


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