“UDP not a tribal party”- argues Mustapha Dibba


By: Ousainou J. Sawaneh

Mr. Alhagie Mustapha Dibba, the UDP constituency chairman for council of elders in Faraffenni in North Bank Region (NBR) has argued that UDP is not a tribally-based party and it does not discriminate on the basis of religion, sectional or tribal lines.

Mr. Dibba was speaking during presentation ceremony of a set of drums and other musical instruments worth more than D13,000 (thirteen thousand dalasis) to a well-known female singer in the area, Sallah Gaye donated by UDP executive members in Faraffenni.

“If UDP is a Mandinka Party they would have not done this. The party didn’t belong to any tribe but it belongs to the Gambian people,” he remarked. Mr. Dibba further said that looking into the UDP set up, the deputy is Aji Yam Secka, who is from wollof tribe and that, is a clear manifestation that the party is for everyone in the country. He continues to add that it is a false allegation laid against the UDP by its opponents which has no element of truth.

Mr. Dibba, finally called on the Gambian people to vote for the UDP candidates across the country for mayor, chairpersons and councillorship in the upcoming local government elections.

The UDP coordinator in Faraffenni, Mr. Kebba Jammeh and constituency secretary for Illiassa Saikou Touray, respectively made similar remarks saying that all the allegations people are making in the social media against their party are false. “The UDP is a united democratic party, that holds democratic principles and will remains united,” they maintained.

Meanwhile, the occasion also witnessed the formal presentation of the UDP candidate for councilor in Faraffenni ward to the people.

In an interview with the candidate for councilor of the ward, Mr. Malick Alhagie Ousman Samba described the event as historic, saying that it is a very important day in the history of UDP in Illiassa Constituency, Faraffenni and the Gambia in general.

Mr. Samba adds that “we are in the new Gambia and I am also calling for a new Faraffenni.” He further says that he is expecting a lot of challenges but he will make sure that he gives all his time, life, full support and efforts to the people of Faraffenni ward. “I am not giving promises but I will make sure that I will follow the footsteps of this new government, the UDP and the footsteps of the elders of Faraffenni ward as long as they are in accordance with our culture,” he noted.

Mr. Samba ended by urging the people of Faraffenni ward to vote for him in the upcoming local government elections.  “I am expecting victory and a clear one for that matter,” he concluded.


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