UDP Presented Over 54 Motor Bikes


Almamo Kamaso
The United Democratic Party (UDP) yesterday handed over 54 motor bikes to various UDP regional Chairpersons for onward distribution to each constituency in the country at the Old- Jeshwang.
Delivering a short speech on behalf of the Leader and Secretary General of the UDP, Ajaratou Yam Secka deputy party leader told the Regional Chairpersons that these 54 motor mikes, is primarily meant for facilitating political outreach .
Deputy Party leader said each constituency is given one motor bike, and another one for each regional offices with two bikes for KM and another two for Banjul.
She told members that the objective is to facilitate easy access and to make our politics more functional. She said the party had being struggling with limited transport facilities since its inception. Now that the 2021 presidential election is close; with this motor bikes it will easy much of our burden.
She however warn the regions that they should be responsible for the maintenance of their various bikes and make sure the bikes are put in better use.
Receiving the three bikes given to KM on behalf of the regional Chair Falang Sonko; Hon Madi M.K.Ceesay of Serekunda West said the he will surely hand the keys of the motor bikes to Sonko but he express satisfaction of having the three bikes at their region; as it will definitely help the partisan politics of the UDP.
KM he said is a very densely populated region and having these bikes will add value to their work. The UDP, he said has broken record as no political party have ever distributed such quantity of motor bikes to its militants. This proves that the UDP is the biggest political party at this time in the Gambia and come 2021 presidential election the party will emerge winner.


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