UDP’s New Councillor in Bakoteh Assaulted


By: Almamo Kamaso

The newly-elected councillor of Bakoteh Ward, Lamin K Jammeh was Friday evening assaulted by people alleged to be supporters of an independent candidate, Ousu Boy.

So far two arrests have since been made and one key suspect is at large as police continue investigating and trying to reach to the bottom of the attack.

Councillor Lamin K Jammeh who was celebrating his victory with hundreds of his supporters within his ward came under attack as they approached one Kuntu Sunnah’s home and stones started raining on them coming from the said home,  this paper has learnt.

Speaking to this reporter, Councillor Jammeh said he was celebrating   with his supporters and they almost concluded their celebrations within his ward when they were stoned. “I tried my best to make sure that my supporters are acting orderly and whiles doing that a lady confronted me with a kind of stick,” he narrated. He disclosed that the lady wanted to hit him and he resisted the attempt by blocking her with his hand thereby hitting him on the hand which sustained injuries. “I also got my shirt tore during the time my supporters were trying to save me from any other injury.” Councillor Jammeh revealed that a short while later, some personnel from Police Intervention Unit arrived at the scene and he was protected and taken to the Bakoteh Police Station where he gave statements and later escorted to the Sere kunda Hospital for treatment.

UDP’s Campaign Manager in the ward, Nfamara Jarju was said to have been bitten on his hand by one Omar Jeng who up to going to the press remained at large as he escaped police arrest. Jarju said they came under attack as their entourage approached one Kuntu Sanneh’s compound. According to Jarju, he got bitten as he tried to contain Jeng who was among the attackers and carrying dangerous weapon and threatening to hack people to death. He said Jeng later fled.

Jerreh Touray who is the UDP chairman also told Daily News that his supporters were law abiding and that the kind of attack they faced from few elements supporting independent candidate was bad and malicious acts.

“My party, the UDP has won and why should we not celebrate our victory?” Touray asked, adding: “We have a right to celebrate our victory and we are going to do so.” Touray warned the losers to behave well as elections are all about win and lose.




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