“USA Must Stop the Economical, Trade and Financial Blockade on Cuban” Ambassador Abelenda


By Aja Dahaba
The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba Sr. Ruben G. Abelenda said there is a necessity to stop the economical, trade and financial blockade imposed by the United State of America on Cuba.
Speaking in a press briefing recently Ambassador Ruben said this imposition by the government of US against Cuba for almost six decades, is the most unfair, severe and prolonged unilateral sanction against any country in the world.
According to him since the enforcement of the decision, the Cuban economical activities have been strongly impacted, mainly the ones related to the foreign trade operations and foreign investments. He added neither citizen nor Cuban economic sector escape from these affectations produced by the unilateral policy. This he said had hindered the development of the country; any country has the right to be free from outside interference.
‘All these actions were taken with a deliberate and declared objective to provoke economical damage and to deprive Cuba from financial resources”.
The Ambassador further said the blockade constitutes a massive, flagrant and systematic violation of Cuban peoples human right ‘the United State should end without any condition, the unfair blockade that has provoked sufferings to the Cuban people for more than 60 years”.
He emphasized that Cuba won’t give up its principals and won’t stop demanding the complete elimination of the blockade, noting that is why, the Cuban government will present once more in the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 6th and 7th, 2019, the resolution project titled: ‘Necessity to stop the economical, trade and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United State of America against Cuba’.
The resolution to be presented this year contains only the basic usual updates and a minimum modification in the penultimate paragraph of the introduction, with the aim to get a formulation that pays attention to the worsening measures of the blockade, which have been implemented since 2017.

Meanwhile the blockade has also affected the Cuban health system as far from 1962 up to now, this he said cost the Cubans almost 3000 millions of dollars.
The head of Cuban medical team Qnaris Odio Mosqueda said between April 2018 and March 2019, the blockade’s damages to the Cuban health system raised to 104, 148 178 USD.

From 6,148, 178 dollars in the previous year.
She added the blockade obstructs the acquisition of the new technologies, raw material, reagents, diagnostic means equipment and spare parts, as well as the medicine for the treatment of critical diseases, such as cancer. These suppliers must be gotten abroad, in some occasions by means of middlemen, she remarked.
She disclosed that in Hermanos Ameijeiras National Cuban Hospital about 20 patients are diagnosed every year with advanced renal cancer. The most advanced therapeutic solution for this pathology has been blockaded for the Cuban patients who are losing a wonderful opportunity to improve their health.
‘The United States has tried to sabotage the Cuban medical cooperation, it is really unacceptable, the prestige of the Cuban medical collaboration won’t be blemished, it is based on real and concrete results. The facts speak by themselves; we will continue supporting the countries that need our human labor. Nothing could blockade the solidarity and internationalist ideas of our Cuban health professionals.