VP Touray Described Intellectually Bankrupt


By Almamo Kamaso
In response to the Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray’s remark on Friday October 4th 2019, the Foni Berefet National Assembly member, Hon Sunkary Badjie described her as intellectually bankrupt. It is only people who are intellectually bankrupt, personalise issues and use uncalculated word as response.
The law maker made this assertions, on Friday as members participate in the adjournment debate bring the session to a close for the current sitting.
The response follow suit as the Vice President described complains of the people of Foni, of an unfair treatment under the Barrow administration.
VP Touray told members that the people of Foni has nothing to complain. She reminded them that, whether they have forgotten when the whole nation were crying of lack of electricity they, the people of Foni were enjoying free electricity and rice.
Hon Badjie reminded the Vice President, that if she is not a politician as she claimed but the person who she represent in the Parliament is a politician and will need the votes of Foni sooner or later.
He reminded the VP that the people of Foni are part and parcel of the Gambia and they pay tax like any other Gambian.
Hon Badjie said he sympathise the enormous suffering the VP may have under gone under the previous regime but that is no course for her to pick up bones with Foni. And that the people of Foni are not responsible in any way for that suffering.
The APRC law maker warn VP Touray that it is incumbent on her to direct her vengeance on to those who are responsible of her sufferings and not the people of Foni. The NAM informs the VP that Foni is a homogenous society where different tribes live as oppose to one tribe.
“I expect her to behave like a mother of the nation as the President said he is the father of the nation. VP Touray is not supposed to utter provocative words that will divide us rather than unified us her children. This action of her tantamount to intellectual bankruptcy. ” Hon Badjie
The APRC law maker called the attention of the President to vet his nominees for cabinet positions properly before appointments, as such utterances is only capable of distancing people from him.
Hon Badjie Yellow Carded VP Touray as way of waring, and said she must desist from such utterances otherwise the people of Foni will strongly respond within the parameters of the laws.
In conclusion the Hon Member said whoever underrates the Foni region is making the father and mother of all mistakes.


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