VP Touray’s Utterance is misleading


In a statement send to the Daily News, Hagi Suwareh PRO of the 3 years Jotna said his take on the Vice President of the Republic of the Gambia, Her Excellency Dr Isatou Touray is one of a mixed feelings.
Dr Touray has represented the historic Excellency President Barrow at the National Assembly to defend the President’s Nation Address, and the recent debate on the appointment of the Ombudsman.
Suwareh said the appearance of the VP in Parliament was a disgraced, as she Dr. Touray was trying to deceive Gambians about the three years / five years issue. The VP said on the floors of the National Assembly, that the first cabinet meeting of the Barrow government was used to discussed the three years to be amended to five years which all the ministers agreed and extend the president’s term to five years.
The VP even challenged her fellow cabinet ministers to attest to that statement if the issue was not discussed at that first cabinet meeting. However immediately after that statement some former cabinet ministers who were in that first cabinet meeting said such matters have never been discussed in any cabinet meeting.
In his analysis, Suwareh said if going by what some of the former cabinets said which countered the VP’s position; then he is of the opinion that Dr Touray , Vice President of the Gambia went all out to mislead Gambians in the defense of President Barrows for five years.
It is his profound belief that morally she cannot be trusted because leaders should protect their integrity and maintain their moral attitudes.
In the VP’s second appearance at the National Assembly she questioned whether the NAMs know their roles and responsibilities? Suwareh said the sad aspect of the question is that whiles NAMs were raising issues and problems affecting their constituencies, she the VP Dr. Touray is reminding them that they are there for the nation not for people who elected them only, and she said Gambians should stop asking for money, money, money but they should sacrifice themselves for the country rather than asking the government monies.
VP Touray said as for her she’s not working for money but for the development of this country.
“My question is when did Vice President choose to work for this country without salary? From her first appointment as Minister of Trade and Regional Integration to position of a Vice President to date did she sacrificed or offer herself for free for the country?”.
Dr Touray also said the three years is unconstitutional then will she agree with me that President Barrow and people like her have used the Coalition Agreement to deceive and mislead Gambian people in order to obtain power again where is integrity and morality that should convince Gambians to have peace of mind and wait for 2021 election under a leadership that confessed to citizens that they obtain power by misleading people.
“Her Excellency if anytime you speak in parliament you disgraces genuine Gambians by show of anger in your face and body” Suwareh
Suwareh said anytime VP speaks in parliament she speaks with high temper, thinking that she is talking to herself and anytime she speaks she prove a clear message to the Gambians that her government is weak.
The 3 Years Jotna PRO intuited that because of a dictator
Gambians are aware and we will hold you by neck and it is only the truth that will set you free
long live the Gambia and may the truth prevail.
concerned citizen
Hagi suwaneh