WASDA Disburse 4.9 Million Among Women


By Aja Dahaba
Fajanko Ceesay Finance and Admin manager, of Wuli and Sandu Development Association (WASDA) disclose that WASDA disbursed D4.9 million, half of which was a loan and the other half was a grant among women in the Upper River Region.
He made the remarks Tuesday 23 July 2019, during the over sight function visit of National Assembly’s select committee on Environment, NGOs and Sustainable Development.
Ceesay highlighted that a total of D247, 000 is given to 20 women of which 50% is loan and the other 50% grant with an interest of only 15% and with a flexible payment plan.
According to him this action will leverage the marketing opportunities for women leaving in the area. He told the law makers that these women famers who were selected to benefit from business model include women headed households, who ordinarily would have little opportunities for economic growth and or opportunities to fulfil their entrepreneurship ambitions and develop their skills.
He added that the overall objective is to increase entrepreneurship opportunities for rural women in the Gambia and the specific objective is 400 women farmers in URR to be empowered and benefit directly from increased entrepreneurship opportunities. And in turn provide employment in their communities.
Mamadi Jabbi Business Development Service manager said WASDA and United Purpose went into contract of implementing 3 years inclusive business opportunities for economic and social empowerment of women in URR.
Jabbi told the committee that this project was conceived due to long experience of working with local communities in the region after recognising areas of constrains affecting women in their production and entire horticulture value chain.
Among these constrains were the issue of women’s lack of access to productive land, better and quality inputs, low production and marketing skills, argic- business concept.


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