“We are all Poisoned And dying One After the Other” 14 April Victim


By Aja Dahaba
This is another victim of April 14 as part of our crusade in talking to the affected persons, our anchor and Human Right columnist Aja Dahaba featured a 31 year old Modou Ngum of Tujereng village in the Kombo South district. He explains how he suffered in the hands of Jammeh’s enablers in an exclusive interview with the Daily News.
Modou Ngum a 31 year old young man said April 14 victims took to the streets demanding for an electoral reforms, saying the 2015 election amendments made it extremely if not impossible for any opposition party to operate or win in the country.
Narrating his torture in the hands of the Jugglers; Ngum said he was blindfolded and when he complained of how tighten his eyes were, they quickly gave him a sharp punch on one of his eyes and he immediately lost his sight. “At this time I was undressed and tied up on to a concrete table and they started beating me mercilessly until I lost consciousness and was urinating blood for four days later”
“They even wanted to castrate me but because Nogoi raised an alarm that this is what you guys do to people they stop. This people wanted to destroy me because they know am single”.
He said he was later taking to the panel of investigators were his statements were taking as they were filming him. He was asked to implicate his party leader and other opposition leaders at this point but he said he was bleeding from his hand which was wounded during his previous torture.
He had to suck his own blood coming out of his body ; due to lack of water after being severely beaten by the jugulars and threaten to be killed him and be buried like a dog.
From the panel they continued beating him, Ngum said and keep pushing his head deep into a barrel of dirty and smelling water as a way of compelling him to confess.
He said the jugglers threaten him that if he was not careful he will be buried alive to his neck like they did to Imam Baba Leigh. And he was also told that he would be flocked like they did to Imam Bakawsu Fofana.
When asked about the cell conditions and feeding, he replied that the conditions of the cells were very bad. He complained of hardships in the cells and that the food that they were providing were all contaminated and that is currently affecting their health “we are all poisoned and that is why our people are dying one after the other”.

He said the new reforms by the former President Jammeh and the IEC implied that all political parties must have regional chapters and must register at least 10,000 people in every region. Mpdo said how is such possible, when other regions have less than 30,000 people. Ngum said this was the driving force behind their protest.
The Young victim said part of their demand was that they needed a proper electoral reform and to enable dialogue with ICE. He said they know that there were other laws implemented by Jammeh base on his own interest just to make the elections an easy ride for him and his party. “Our banners carried dictatorship must end and Gambian people are hungry” Ngum told Daily News
He said they mobilize their militants at Bambo and the former Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang was also in their midst but the late Solo Sandeng told her to go back because he knew they will be arrested and tortured.
The young politician said after their arrival at Westfield, Commissioner Abdoulie Sanyang of Serekunda police was present at the scene, and there were others in police unit called bulldozers who wanted to arrest their leader Solo but they resisted the arrest.
“He asked whether we have a permit and we told him no because we knew you won’t give us permit if we ask for it”.
Modou said after their arrest by the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) they were taking to PIU headquarters and later to NIA and at this juncture the former Mayor of Kanifing Yankuba Colley also arrived to the scene clapping and told the NIAs to charge them with treason.
“At the NIA I saw the former IGP, NIA Director, and Deputy Director among other top official at the premises” Ngum said
At this point according to him the banner bearing the information “Dictator Jammeh must go and Gambian people are hungry” was given to his group while the NIA officers take picture of them which were sent to the former president.
He said they were moved to Janjanbureh on the 16th July 2016 from mile 2 central prisons and their case was transferred to Mansakonko High Court.
Ngum told the Daily New that he and team were later sentence to 3 years in prison but they did not complete their terms as the Gambian people decided on December 2015.
He concluded by saying there is need to bring Jammeh and his close associates to justice, at all cost. Ngum is still suffering from the tortures and the trauma


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