“We are Lady Councilors with a Differences “says Fatou Jarju Janneh


By Aramata Jatta
The Lady Councilor of Serekunda West constituency, Fatou Jarju Janneh told the Daily News in and exclusive interview that they are councilors with a difference. She was speaking at her residence in Kotu on the final leg of a tour of the KM.
Fatou was a former Secretary General of a group of twenty-six APRC women groups in the Serekunda West constituency; who have all change party.
She told the Daily News, that immediately Jammeh was defeated she and her group threw their weight behind the Coalition government and fully participated in the parliamentary and local government elections. The Lady Councilor said upon her election to the position of a Lady Councilor for Serekunda West; she vows that she and her colleagues are councilors with a difference.
She explains that they the seven lady councilors of KMC who embarked on a tour of the KM district to dialogue with the women in the different seven constituencies. JarJu Janneh said their push factor is to know from them, their difficulties as well as the challenges that they are facing at their various places. “Such information will help us as lady councilors to come up with solution” Jarju Janneh said.
So far, the consultation has established some burning needs as explained by the women folk in the region such as a need for skill centers for their drop outs children and support for women in the gardens locally called (Nako) “we are optimistic that help will come under the able leadership of our Lord Mayor of KMC” she said.
She told the Daily News that at the conclusion they are going to tabulate all the issues gathered from the tour and conclude with a report which will be handed to the Mayor of KMC for address.
Asked if the position of a lady Councilor is political; Mrs Jarju Janneh, responded by saying that the position is not a political position and they are working for all the Gambian women in spite of their political affiliation.
Asked to share her experience between this transition government and that of the former APRC government; She expressed happiness over the new transitional government “we were not having any form freedom in our families nor freedom of speech in expressing our selves but now we can, thanks to the new government” she said. She said during the second republic it was very difficult as one cannot even speak your mind before such statements are taking to be an opposition opinion. And therefore she said in the Jammeh era every one of them live with fear of being arrested as information spreads so rapidly
“I was a victim of that fear my son was arrested and taking to NIA for 5days, I could not talk nor express my feelings” Jarju Janneh.
She thank all the other lady councilors from the seven constituencies; namely Serekunda Yama Samateh Low, Bundung Isatou Touray, Faji Kunda Ajie Mbi Sayang, Tallinding Sera Faye , Bakau Sinkala Jatta and Mati Kanyi of Jeshwang constituencies.
Asked what would be her word of advice, she called on all the lady councilors to come together and work hand in glove by putting their differences aside, issue of segregation going on within them, also need to stop to enable us have a better Gambia and a better feature for all the women far and large.


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